Dolls’ Clothes

I’ve always enjoyed sewing and knitting which could be one of the reasons I trained as a Home Economics teacher – a long time ago.  I made a lot of clothes for my children when they were small, and as my daughter got older I made her evening dresses and her wedding dress.   There is a great sense of achievement in creating something – especially something that is different in some way to everyone else’s outfits.  I knitted clothes for Sindy and Action Man, and made 3 little quilted sleeping bags – one for Sindy and one each for my sons’ Action Men.  They went camping in Sindy’s tent and abseiled down a rope from the handles on our sideboard.   Recently I made clothes for one of my granddaughter’s Sindy dolls – as she loves to play with the clothes I made for her auntie many years ago.

Dolls clothes

Sindy clothes

The first photo is of the dolls clothes I made over 30 years ago, and the second one shows the ones I made for my granddaughter recently.

I would like to enter these dolls clothes into –

As You Like It Challenge – What Do You Make Other than Cards – and Why                            

3 thoughts on “Dolls’ Clothes

  1. This is so reminiscent of when my daughter was little. Keep up the good work, it will be well played with and loved. Thanks for joining AYLI challenge. Elaine

  2. They are so lovely and lovely to see the ones you made originally too!
    Thanks for joining in with our challenge at As You Like It,
    hugs Samantha :0)

  3. These are totally amazing! That sleeping bag looks like a human one! Brings back memories of my childhood too! I thought my mum was good at needle craft but she has nothing on you!
    Lucy x

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